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The health suite has thermal experiences for all. Six different thermal experiences combining heat, humidity, light and fragrance to stimulate the senses. Each room has its own environment with fragrance to suit the season. For example, the Aroma steam will have Pomegranate for the autumn opening, Ice Berry for the winter, citrus blossom for the spring and Grapefruit and Mandarin for the summer.

The warm, dry heat of the Vitality Sauna will be infused with Black Forest for the opening, Mountain Pine for the winter, Cedar and Lime for the spring and Green birch blossom for the summer.

A modern, contemporary style of finishes and glass opens up the space and highlights the atmosphere of each room.

A mini cycle of warm shower to prepare the body, a period of relaxation within the thermal experience followed by a cooling mist or ice rub after will create that feeling of wellbeing. Repeat for each room.

With many thermal features which evolve with the seasons, each visit will continue to provide good health and wellbeing. 

Vitality Pool

Spacious and relaxing. The combination of the water temperature, set to a soothing 35-37°C, and selection of water features, including air massage, swan neck fountains, air loungers and water jets, benefits of the Vitality Pool include cleansing and detoxification of the skin, relieving tired and aching muscles, increasing circulation and relaxing the mind and body.

Aroma Steam Room

Designed with comfort in mind. The full glazed front showcases a spacious and elegant room. Slanted backrest and wide seats. Allow the warm steam to gently ease muscular tension, relax your mind and absorb toxins from the skin. The steam room stimulates blood circulation, leaving skin cleansed, pampered and radiant. Wellness system feeds air and steam into the room through a central feature designed with a Crystal tower with background lighting.

Vitality Sauna

Natural Alder and thermo treated alder luxury finish. Heated to a temperature between 80-100°C with low humidity, this room creates a dry and intense heat to give a purifying effect on the body. The benefits of a Sauna are to cleanse and detoxify the skin, relieve tired aching muscles and joints and increase circulation. The automatic essence and water infusion creates a comfortable humidity level.

Mud Chamber (Additional Extra - Visit our Spa Wellness Experience section to find out more)

A cleansing ritual that starts with the self-application of the different coloured mineral muds. Once the muds are applied you can relax on heated seats while the room gently fills with steam. This warmth from the steam opens the pores and allows the enriched products to enter the body and stimulate the blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system. At the end of the mud treatment it will leave your skin incredibly soft and smooth.

Foot Spas

The foot spas promote circulation, working on various pressure points in the feet, and can be used hot or cold depending on your preference. Soothe tired feet by treating them to a foot spa; soaking in warm water while being gently massaged by air bubbles for a relaxing treat.

Salt Steam room

Maximize your time at the Spa and indulge in the Salt Room The salt steam room has the added benefit of a salt-water atmosphere which is great for cleansing and toning the skin and stimulating the circulation.

Experience Showers

The experience showers are designed to rapidly heat up or cool down the body depending on which option you choose, and will help to stimulate the body’s circulatory system. Infusion of essence to enhance the shower experience.

Ice Fountain

This beautifully designed ice fountain has crushed ice dispensed through a copper chute into a copper bowl. The ice fountain is a great place to cool off after the sauna or herbal room, helping to contract the blood vessels, stimulating your circulation and oxygen intake. Just as it sounds, the Ice Fountain provides an invigorating, cooling experience designed to quickly cool your body and close the pores. Handfuls of ice flakes should be massaged into the skin all over your body, creating a refreshing sensation while helping to stimulate the circulation and leave you with glowing, truly pampered skin.

Herbal Sauna

Designed and installed is the latest Herbal Sauna with heated large format tiled seats and slanted back rests for comfort and relaxation. The sauna stove with its specially designed Copper Herb tray allows automatically dosed water to mix with essence or to place dried herbs and then infuses them onto the Sauna stove creating a beautiful aroma to aid your relaxation while your body is caressed by the 45-65 deg C temperature of the room. Full glazed glass front opens the room to invite bathers to bathe in the aroma and soft heat of the herbal sauna. Theater in the room is created by automatic water and essence doing into the copper tray. The ripples created in the bowl are reflected onto the ceiling by the spot light that is activated when the essence is called for.

Please note that certain treatments such as CACI, the Spa Wellness Experience and the Mud Chamber CANNOT be used during pregnancy.

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