World Mental Health Day: How Massage can Combat Stress

Friday, 9th October 2020

Saturday 10 October 2020 is World Mental Health Day and this year especially we think it’s particularly important to take care of our well-being and mental health.

2020 hasn’t quite gone to plan for many of us, so it’s unsurprising that our stress levels may have increased. However, there are things you can do to look after your mental health and we’re happy to help!

Massage is a really effective treatment to reduce stress. It not only helps you relax, but it helps you feel better mentally too, so it’s the perfect antidote if you’re feeling stressed.

Your body temperature is increased during a massage, promoting relaxation. When your body relaxes you’ll feel a sense of calm and reduced stress levels. Not only do you feel relaxed mentally, but your muscles relax and ease too.

The gentle increase in temperature also helps to improve your circulation, which delivers more blood to your muscles and relieves tension.

However, massage isn’t all about the physical effect it has on your body. Massage helps to reduce the feeling of stress by releasing endorphins – the feel-good hormones we often experience after working out, for example.

Massage stimulates these hormones to help you feel calm and relaxed, so you’ll feel a release of tension mentally as well as physically.

So, if the ups and downs of 2020 have left you feeling more stressed than usual, why not book a massage to help you feel more ‘you’ again?

We offer a range of treatments from Indian Head Massage to Hot Stones Massage and a classic Aromatherapy Full Body Massage, with prices starting from just £30.


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