Aromatherapy Awareness Week 2021

Monday, 7th June 2021

From Monday 7th June to 13th June, it’s Aromatherapy Awareness Week – a week to celebrate the benefits and raise awareness of aromatherapy and how it can help you.

Aromatherapy refers to traditional, alternative or complementary therapies that use essential oils to treat a variety of conditions. It can be used to bring harmony to a person’s mind, body and soul and the oils can be used for massaging, steam inhalation, diffusion and in body lotions or creams (to name but a few!)

Used in massage, a blend of aromatherapy oils can be tailored to your needs to treat areas of the body that are most prone to stress. Massage helps to release the stress and tension in areas such as the back, shoulders and neck; while a blend of oils can help you feel relaxed.

Different oils promote different benefits, so when you have an aromatherapy massage, we can create a blend of oils to suit you.

Lavender is often used to relieve stress and sandalwood is known to calm nerves and help you focus. Bergamot can reduce stress and has been known to ease symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema; while chamomile can improve your mood and relaxation.

Essential oils are made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant, such as the flowers, bark, leaves or fruit, to capture the compounds that produce fragrance.

At Inside Spa we use Tisserand oils - one of the most famous names in the world of aromatherapy. The oils are made in the UK and were originally created by Robert Tisserand, a ground-breaking aromatherapist and one of the world’s leading aromatherapy experts, who began blending his own essential oils in 1974.

We like to use the highest quality products to make sure your treatment is truly relaxing, luxurious and tailored to your needs.

We offer a range of massage treatments, including Full Body Aromatherapy massage as well as others. View our full range of massage treatments here.

If you’d like to book a treatment, call us on 01282 661735 – go on, you deserve it!

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