LED Xpert Skin Light Therapy


Duration: 40 minutes

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What’s involved?

This is the avantgarde photobiological therapy of tissue regeneration.

This latest generation high-performance LED mask with a wide range of action improves the most common skin problems in a safe, fast way with results from the first session.

A technology based on the exclusive system of High-Density Diodes (HDD), whose high power, purity and direct action on the skin ensures maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

How will this benefit you?

* An immediate and long-term effect

* Fast and non-invasive

* Works on expression lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, scars, reddening and more ...

4 Colours - 4 Effective Solutions:

Offering a cascade of benefits, each wavelength stimulates the skin’s regeneration mechanisms to react in a certain way:

RED LIGHT: Regenerating effect
Stimulates the natural rejuvenation process to improve lines, wrinkles and suppleness of the skin

BLUE LIGHT: Slows down the development of bacteria responsible for acne, resulting in smoother skin
+ RED LIGHT: Regenerating effect

YELLOW LIGHT: Reduces redness and increases the tolerance threshold, calming decongested skin

+ RED LIGHT: Regenerating effect

GREEN LIGHT: Reduces dark spots, illuminates and evens the skin tone
+ RED LIGHT: Regenerating effect

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