Top 5 Benefits of Massage

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018

Whether you’re looking to relax or pamper yourself, a massage is the perfect way to take time out and unwind. But do you know the real benefits of massage?

April 2018 is Stress Awareness Month, so we’re celebrating all things that make us feel good and contribute to our overall health and wellbeing… including massage!

Whatever your reason for booking a massage, there’s no denying its power. It can do so much more than help you feel relaxed - regular massages can be a powerful tool in your healthcare regime. Here are our top 5 benefits:

1. Promotes Relaxation and Improves Sleep

If you’ve ever had a massage, you’ll know they’re great for helping you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Massage therapy is known to decrease cortisol levels in the body, a stress hormone which can contribute to sleeplessness. Massage can help the body enter ‘recovery mode’, which triggers relaxation to help you sleep better.

2. Reduces Stress Levels

As well as improving your sleep, massage is the perfect therapy for stress relief, as it reduces stress hormones and can lift your mood. Regular massages also boost your energy levels and help to reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression.

3. Improves Circulation

The long-term benefits of massage shouldn’t be underestimated, and improved circulation is just one of the perks! Massage gives tense, aching muscles the blood supply they need to heal. Plus, it releases pressure, eases muscle pain and can lower your overall blood pressure.

4. Increases Joint Flexibility

If you exercise regularly, you’ll know the familiar, niggling feeling of strain on your joints. Massage can relieve this pressure and pain and improve flexibility too. Regular massage of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints helps your body to become more alert and it reduces injuries due to stiff joints.

5. Reduces Headaches/Migraine Pain

Tension in the upper back can lead to headaches or migraines, which can be uncomfortable and painful. Head massages are perfect for relieving this pressure. It stimulates and improves blood flow to the neck (which promotes relaxation) and increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp/hair follicles to stimulate hair growth!

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